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Mount Brandon Cottages: Prioritising biodiversity and wildlife

Mount Brandon Cottages: Prioritising biodiversity and wildlife

As a business that’s all about tourism and embracing nature, sustainability is a major part of Mount Brandon Cottages. Much of the philosophy is to take the thinking away from the guests, meaning guests are encouraged to use clearly marked bins, it has solar panels...

Doilies & Slip Reveal

When you want to decorate a leather hard piece of pottery and you have some doilies to spare (or even some cut out pieces of newspaper), you can attach the paper doilies really well to the wetted clay surface (be careful not to trap air under the paper, because the...

How sheep can be made using the humble pinch pot

Recently I have been really busy making and there was no time for blog writing. So today I finally got to write how I make my sheep sculptures: First I start by making two similar sized pinch pots (weighing out the clay will help). It is important not to overwork the...

Why do children love pottery?

They all agree that it is fun and that there are no limits to what they can do. I have been running children’s pottery classes from my pottery studio in Graiguenamanagh