Frequently Asked Questions

** For enquiries contact Carmen on 085-1108257 **

Who can sign up for pottery classes and workshops?

The classes are available for would-be potters aged between 5 and 95. They are suitable for beginners and advanced students.

What kind of classes are offered?

Apart from the two-hour weekly classes and workshops for adults you can also book a one-to-one class. I also offer weekly classes for children on Wednesdays and Thursdays (7 – 8 p.m.).

How do I book a class or workshop?

You can book by emailing or by contacting me on 085-1108257. Once you have paid the course fee I will confirm the date and time of the class/workshop.

How long is a class?

The adult pottery course runs over four consecutive Mondays (7 – 9 p.m.). The two-hour workshops are suitable for private groups and are normally held on Saturdays at a time that suits you.

What do I need to bring to the class?

An apron is a good idea and face coverings are obligatory. Short(ish) fingernails are an advantage.

How does the class/workshop work?

During the two-hour class we explore various hand building techniques (pinch pots, coil pots, slab building), after covering the most important pottery rules you will get a feel for the clay and a better understanding of what you can create. You will also get to throw a pot (or pots) on the potter’s wheel.

Do I get to bring home the pieces I made on the day?

No, all pottery creations need time to dry sufficiently before they can be bisque fired (this normally takes between 2 and 3 weeks).

When can I come and collect my work?

I will let you know when your work has been bisque fired. You can either collect your work or if you have paid a deposit the bisque fired work will be posted to you.

I have a gift voucher, how do I redeem this?

All you need to do is contact Carmen via email or phone and check availability.

Is firing included in all classes? How much will it cost?

Yes, bisque firing is included in the workshops and the four-week class includes both bisque and glaze firing of your work. The cost of the firing/s is included in the course fee.

What happens when I miss a scheduled class?

In order not to forfeit your class you have to give me at least 48 hours notice.

Are deposits/fees refundable?

Deposits/fees are non-refundable. However if you give me at least 48 hours notice, I am happy to reschedule the class/workshops.

I would like to organise a private class, how do I do that?

Simply contact Carmen, check availability for the date you have in mind. Once your advance payment has been received I will confirm your booking.

I have no prior experience with ceramics. Where do I start?

We start at the beginning with some hand building techniques to cover the do’s and don’ts, but you will also be shown how to use the potter’s wheel.

How big is the class/workshop?

The studio will cater for small groups only, i.e. a maximum of 5 to 6 students.

Is the studio wheelchair accessible?


Do you also sell your pottery?

Yes, my work can be bought directly from my studio.

I hope I have answered the most common questions. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me.